Dear all, i am heading tomorrow to Hannover for playing in the streets. Saturday i’ll head to wonderful Amsterdam for 5 days. I’ll touch Utrecht and play there too. And in Amsterdam, oh yes! It’s going to be fun and i will see some old friends! I received yesterday my new postcards. I’ll give these […]

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This is a picture from the open stage @Prachtwerk Berlin on February 2015. The place was so special, a mix of old design( really cool furniture in the backstage, the pictures underneath speak for this statement!), attentive and engaged audience, fresco’s like from the renaissance on the walls. Basically the place is magic, and has […]

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Hello world, this is officially my first blog post on wordpress, i am excited! I have been using blogger but i decided to move here because wordpress is more functional. I feel quite bad that i have not written a post since months, it is a hard thing for me to keep up with all […]

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I joined instagram (Here is my account) at the beginning of the year and I’m quite enjoying to share the moments of my day and life in Berlin, living with other 5 people in a huge flat…. I discovered how much i like to share my living spaces with lots of other people and always […]

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Berlin is so intense that the pictures i have accumulated on my mobile phone are demanding to be published.  So while i update you with the things of life,you will have images from my daily Berlin experience.Last week i was at a few events of the #BerlinFashionweek and it was flamboyant, inspiring and very worth […]

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Ola!A post before the end of the year, this was necessary. Amidst all my delays this year I should direct my intention more to write consistently and regularly instead of scattered in periods.But I don’t know how active you reader are on the social media, but I am active in twitter/facebook/reverbnation/blogger/myspace/soundcloud/bandcamp and lots of others […]

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5 weeks ago I moved to Berlin, leaving my old friends, my dog and the town i had called home for the past 3 years: Amsterdam. And i left behind things that i don’t need anymore, because i am downsizing and appreciating more and more living life with LESS and MORE space.In a charming neighbourhood […]

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I learnt that a smile is a better tool for navigation than a map. And that you don’t need to achieve something to enjoy the feeling of happiness. I learnt to stop thinking about doing but just jump in the moment and do it. I learnt to stop and just enjoy the landscape around.

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Also said: re-discovery. My blog posts are seriously challenged at the moment since my pc seems to be infected by a virus and my permanent internet connection is down….So i’ll speak quickly and with images: (>>>>delicious fruit longan)Those are instances from my vipassana meditation silent retreat for 9 days in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a few […]

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I realized lately  my blog posts always start with mentioning that i haven’t written for a while…and this was, seriously going to start with the same…with the difference that I have made a record this time…. 6 Weeks without a post….! I can be crowned the queen of bad blog administration….or of blog delays…If you […]

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