2012 has come bringing ideas, like this one words of wisdom that I find around the globe and that will be of use to so many other people,loving to listen to new music from South of Europe for this idea  that takes place in Amsterdam. But then there are also the creative ideas that are […]

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I am a big supporter of not throwing everything away,but keeping them or exchanging them with other people. I will post this week pictures of my latest finds on flea markets, buy for much much less things that people would throw away but that you need! Sono una grande sostenitrice del riuso e recupero e […]


How many things you forgot you own?Yesterday I was making order in my closet,that is always a big mess and I got some surprises! In fact I found a few items that I had forgotten to own, or forgot where they were.Item number 1:a brown leather bag,very 70´s that I got for present 1 year […]

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Today checking in the online community ipower,that I am member of, I entered a discussion on the forum post: everything is amazing yet nobody is perfect. I have to say that it gives much food for thought and I totally share the ideas. We are so much into the things built by our society that […]

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