This song. I used to listen to this music from the Native Americans a lot when I was a teenager. I really felt a connection. No there was no Britney Spears or Madonna for me, but this music.I loved it, it transcended my everyday life.It made me feel like a free eagle in the sky.Look […]

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     Rose brooch, necklance and bracelet by 

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I am a big supporter of not throwing everything away,but keeping them or exchanging them with other people. I will post this week pictures of my latest finds on flea markets, buy for much much less things that people would throw away but that you need! Sono una grande sostenitrice del riuso e recupero e […]


I follow daily treehugger as well as many other blogs and websites about environmental issues.Today treehugger published the pic this new species of crab found near Taiwan!!!sometimes reality overcomes phantasy!!! Can we make things right?I hope to win the contest to go to the Davos Forum and speak out my ideas….here is the video… Hanno […]

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At the beginning of January I had a bad end of holidays thanks to Easyjet and their delays. I missed the corresponding flight, one day of work, had to pay for a new ticket and hotel and dinner.And Easyjet didn’t refund me a cent.And I had bought their Travel Insurance which was supposed to cover […]

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How many things you forgot you own?Yesterday I was making order in my closet,that is always a big mess and I got some surprises! In fact I found a few items that I had forgotten to own, or forgot where they were.Item number 1:a brown leather bag,very 70´s that I got for present 1 year […]

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Today checking in the online community ipower,that I am member of, I entered a discussion on the forum post: everything is amazing yet nobody is perfect. I have to say that it gives much food for thought and I totally share the ideas. We are so much into the things built by our society that […]

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