From this blog(sorry in Dutch) some advices to emerging bands So this lady from this blog I stumbled upon, quotes that Einstein suggested the main issue of life( if this I understand) is to choose between believing the universe is friendly and believing the universe in unfriendly. That was April 25,2012 and while this lady […]

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It is things like that that make me love the internet….you can meet fantastic people.Michiko Yoshida is designer of Happy Fairy Tale, who makes great jewels.I will be soon interviewed by Michiko on her blog!

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Source at the bottom I was browsing the net, listening to podcasts and getting new ideas from twitter and blogand I stubled on this….the question is tell us a quote of something related to your ancestors the replies are amazing and interesting,some are: Kristina says: February 21, 2010 at 5:17 am The Polish side of […]

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Hello hello hello, on this special day for many I have a present for you all, something that I found today… 1,000 reasons to celebrate and be happy!Taken from this blog Things like: # #647 When batteries are included ( and no hassle of searching for batteries) # #644 When company events are scheduled […]

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