Yesterday morning I received a lovely email from a seller on ebay. We had sent each other a couple of emails because I bought a vintage jacket( one of my soft spots…vintage clothing…ooopssss) and in my signature there were my websites, youtube, myspace and sellaband.So the seller replies back,Anastasia is her name telling me that […]

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I was transforming my new video into the proper file for youtube, and this can take many minutes so I ended up switching on the TV ( It is very rare that i watch TV!!!!) and the first channel which is the Danish DR was showing a TV documentary about this family in Kurdistan who […]

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Some years, things haven´t gone so well to me. Like a disaster…for example 2007 was a year to forget for me.2007 has been a year in which not only I was confused about my abilities but I also met, sincerely speaking, people that were a negative influence, that drained out not only my energy but […]

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Two years ago I decided to open a blog called “I will be the new madonna” here on blogger…although after a while I just realised I don’t care about being the new madonna at all.Sounds pretty stupid.It was a title that had impact but what I am and what I want is quite different from […]

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