At the beginning of January I had a bad end of holidays thanks to Easyjet and their delays. I missed the corresponding flight, one day of work, had to pay for a new ticket and hotel and dinner.And Easyjet didn’t refund me a cent.And I had bought their Travel Insurance which was supposed to cover […]

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I have taken a pause with music and I am focusing on other things.Immaterial things like music and spiritual things, just like music is for me. I don’t think there is much material on music excepts of course the notes written on musicsheet. Music makes me feel higher in some sort of other state.I am […]

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Have you been sent this image?According to the explanations on the net, the ballerina is turning clockwise and anti-clockwise at the same time. Many people can see her going in both directions. If you see her turning clockwise you use more your right brain emisphere, if you see her turning anti-clockwise you use more your […]

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Many times you do,do,do,you get into a frantic rhythm of things to do, books to read, friends to meet. You are a slave to your own life and habits. You cannot stop and see the big picture. You cannot stop and realize where you are going to. What is that you are really trying to […]

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During my piano class the other day my teacher told me that my song ” Spaceman” or “Uomo dello spazio” ( the same song has two versions one in Italian and one in English) reminds him of a work of Philip Glass.Philip Glass was a musician of the 20th century that created the musical style […]

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