During my summer holiday 2 weeks ago, I visited so many nice landscapes and wild places in the region where my dad is from: Puglia. Puglia is the what we call the heel of the Italian boot. My dad is wrong the zone of Gargano, which has an incredible lake,with a thin layer of land […]

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Please check the video and this websitehttp://www.storyofstuff.com/ this incredible woman decided to investigate on the chain of production-consumption that we all live every day.Please learn to be aware of what this means for our planet.

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I was crying in several parts of this movie.It feels strange to say it but it is been several months that I start to have more and more the urge to abandon all material things, to keep only a handful of absolutely necessary things. To only spend my time in the nature and meditating.To consume […]

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THIS SCARED ME TODAY…not a good sign.

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I am still on holiday in Italy,my mother country. The first thing that always strike me when I arrive is getting back to my old things, my old room and my old friends!It gives me first a sense of sadness, of things that pass and change and times that do not come back.But this time […]

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