I started a new morning habit….to start my day with a laughing meditation….and I mean literally….to laugh….so I read this blog and this other blog Discovered some Dutchness since i live in Amsterdam, the voice of Ilse DeLange i recognize a similar sound to mine How did I know that this sign was from Sidney,Australia? […]

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For my radio show on Radio cicada, I am always looking for new talents from South Europe, so I’m always listening to lot of new and unsigned music…from everywhere !Here my best source is twitterThis week I listened toDr. Trikinosis, electronic music from Spain succested to me by the blog WeloveyoursongsJazz Callner,and some interesting african […]

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In English: I have not been good,so far, to update here on the activities and promotions of the new incredible artists that I have been doing for the past 5 months through Radio Cicada.( To listen to us/to old episodes go to this post to find out how) A weekly review and careful listening of […]

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This week, we’re talking with Reba from Love Shack, Baby about local music, her “melodic aggro” side and the importance of links in your emails! Love Shack, Baby | http://www.loveshackbaby.net How long have you been blogging, and what made you start? I was laid up with back surgery in the Spring of 2007 and made […]

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