When I tell people of how frantic life rhythms are nowadays, they mostly confirm that’s the way it is.They start to tell how it is normal that everybody works full time and makes a living and how more full of things to do our life is.But I disagree with simply keeping things as they are, […]

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Trueidentity music, alias electronic music from the Netherlands, how did i stumble on it? he went to perform at Zero20 Unplugged anniversary party later on in June. The amazing classical-pop band from Greece Mikrokosmoi and the experimental and 70’s inspired video of the NZ PURPLE PILGRIMS that i stumbled upon while looking at some live […]

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As a base I used the recipe on the British All recipes.co.uk ( should I be ashamed, as Italian to cook following a British website ???Kind of inverted Jamie Oliver) http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/8729/easy-banana-cake.aspx with modifications as follows: Serves: 10;serves 8 125g butter>170 g coconut butter 150g caster sugar>100gr cane sugar 1 tsp vanilla extract>20gr cinnamon,10gr chilli,5gr cloves […]

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