I write this post from Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand where I am since yesterday.My final destination is a place called Chiang Rai, where I’ll spend 5weeks in a special centre dedicated to meditation/yoga and mindfulness.I have much to say and i don’t know where to start.Yes first: I love the sun, i love […]

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So the neverending story with myspace, they do not change the website and it is heavy. heavy to navigate. And they have a very ANNOYING PLAYLIST SYSTEM, because even if you select your music, once your selection ends,one of their random tracks start playing and believe me some STAFF out there is not NICE to […]

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Since I have discovered the website of the Australian radio TripleJ dedicated to emerging artists from OZ, their website is a bookmark that gets clicked at least once a week and listen to their new charts and often comment and rate when i find something worth saying good things about or also advices…Then there is […]

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I am living, you are living in a particular time of history: 2013. The Pope abdicated, the Dutch Queen Beatrix abdicated and this is a big thing for the Netherlands where I am living.Their national holiday called Queensday, by decades fixated at the date of April 30, will CHANGE into Kingsday and moved to April […]

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I have been playing since October with Charlie,Dave and Sahiela, in our band called “D. and the Badhouse”and in the time of a few months we have created a really compact group with a lot of energy on stage, open communication and lot’s of engagement from everybody.I have felt really lucky to perform with them, […]

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