Berlin is so intense that the pictures i have accumulated on my mobile phone are demanding to be published.

 So while i update you with the things of life,you will have images from my daily Berlin experience.
Last week i was at a few events of the #BerlinFashionweek and it was flamboyant, inspiring and very worth it!   Here for example is images i took with my mobile at the Sameheads event in Neukolln,
\⁄⁄\⁄⁄ indowlicker # 10: “London Street & Italian Meat” – Berlin Fashion Week Special 

A huge package of candies that even Willy Wonka would want to hang on his ceiling the same way>>>

Then going down in the basement..
the old underground/cellar of a building….

Several rooms open up, like little grotto’s carved in the rocks..we find re-purposed and repainted tv-sets ….

And an amazing village made with dolls and other items….such a kitsch but beautiful creation!


Decorative motifs  on the walls…

And a poetry performance by artists from Rome and Albania,

Acchiappashpirt – *Live Noise concert

And that’s all for this week in pictures.

I am lately trying to practice more social media skills and hey! I have even joined instagram…check that out:

And i have 3 concerts scheduled for the next period, one this coming Thursday here…..
and on February 13th @Hotel Pfefferbett  and on June 6th @ Arcanoa

I was in the recording studio several days since the beginning of January, recording my latest 4 Italian songs and I want to tell you…some videos are coming in the next few weeks…..

And last but not least…this week end I have moved to a new place, more central in the Kreuzberg area and Ich freue mich as the Germans say, ” I am happy about it”.

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  1. hey Deborah

    wonderful Pictures and nice to see there is full speed ahead in your life


  2. Deborah Deb says:

    thanks tati, how are you doing?

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