Lately i have been investing most of my time in myself, and one of the things i am taking my time to do is reading. While living in my friends living rooms or spare guest rooms for the past 3months
( before my departure to Thailand in end March) i learnt so much from them, from their way of living and got cool tips or had the chance to be introduced for example to Ayurvedic cooking, since one of my good friends in Amsterdam is studying that. ( Really worth getting deeper into it, what is better for an Italian than recipes that are both tasty and have medical properties? I have in my mind a fantastic dish with only plain rice, lime juice and cinnamon, so simple but yet so delicious and i was quite surprised by the way cinnamon and lime combine gracefully in the mouth)
So inspired by her i also made strange and colourful food combinations like this one >>>

While living with my friend Charlie, who plays guitar in my band in Amsterdam, he lent me his book “Summer of Love”by George Martin. The book is  centered around the Beatles and the production of the album “Sgt Pepper Lonely Heart’s Club”: how they made each song, which ideas where behind it, all their musical research, new instruments they used ( even the toilet paper of their recording studio, considered “too hard for the conventional use”was used by John Lennon in one song!), That book was so inspiring, absolutely eye-opening on the world of songwriting.
But it also gave me hunger for more music books, to read more about other musicians stories, biographies, mindsets….So  after that, i wanted more…and by chance the next book to read came to me. One Thursday i read on twitter of this Dutch band presenting their debut album in the music shop Concerto in Amsterdam. It was just the Thursday before my flight to Thailand and i arrived to late for the concert, while i cycled under the snowflakes ( yes it was still snowing) so i reached the place and the concert was over….but i then had time on my hands to check the place out, which i had not done yet and there, the book called me from the shelf, so i bought it, right when i wanted one, and right before my departure. I am reading it now: the biography of the Rolling Stones, which is quite a thick book and actually it is too much focused on their “sex, drugs”life and too little on “rock n’roll”and songwriting for my taste, but still i plan to continue to read it until the end.
And then since i have landed at the New Life community centre in Thailand, i have taken advantage of their library of self development and buddhism books and i have just finished “How things exist”by Lama Zopa Rinpoche, which i admit, was a bit too hard for me to really grasp much of the buddhist philosophy it deals with….

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