Inner discoveries 25.02.13

Dear blog and readers, i have been writing this blog for a while, speaking about discoveries online/offline and promoting young bands and my work on Radio cicada.

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Now i feel like i am ready to add to my blog a more personal side, a part about my life as songwriter.
I hope with that to get more in touch with other people, to communicate more to readers and fans about the philosophy behind making music for me.
I have noticed how hard it is to get really in contact with bands and musicians online, not because people DO NOT reply to me( or to you in general), they do reply
But the amount of data and emails is so overwhelming that we do not have the time anymore to understand much of what counts. We get sucked into lots of information and visuals and sounds.
So much we have forgotten how to stop and focus on little.
This realization in the last period of 2012 brought me to start to change my life.
I have downsized my belongings from an apartment of 80m3 to a room of 8m3. I have given away as gifts to friends books, board games, appliances. I have organized a clothes swap party and made lots of women happy with my two full bags of clothes.
The thing is, years ago, i was attached to things and i had a hard time throwing away things. I used to keep receipts, memories of days with friends, souvenirs of lots of things. In general lots of things that i thought “i may one day need”and lots of clothes that “I may one day feel like wearing again”.
What i realized, is that i never had the time to actually look at those memories or souvenirs.
That many of those garments were still in the same box after 8months and i had not felt the need to wear them.
And i also realized that at a certain point, it was easy to give away things.
And that later i felt lighter, and not less. I also was surprised to find in myself a feeling of serenity and peace when seeing the reaction of people to unexpected presents.
In the last weeks i am downsizing even further, going from 18boxes of belongings, into living with only 5boxes of belongings and in 10 days i’ll go down even further to 1 backpack and 2 bags because i will start travelling for some months and busking and playing gigs where I can.
In this blog part i plan on sharing my journey around the world.
I will probably pause the other parts of the blog as I will not be working for radio cicada for a while, but the blog will be very active.
So, that was a short( long) introduction…

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