Countdown minus 10

So the countdown has started and in 10 days I will fly to Australia, a trip I have been wanting to do for more than 10 years….oh yes! I can’t wait to see everything, trying all the exotic food, hearing the Aussie accents, having breakfast with vegemite on toast, hearing good rock music on the radio ( because Silverchair is one of my favourite bands)and tanning smelling the ocean!
So much to do, i booked one month but i may extend it depending on how good i feel there :-)
My trip will start with Sydney, then I’ll go North towards Nimbin. At the end i want to go south to the Blue Mountains or Melbourne. And then a last week ik Sydney.
I am planning to do a charity event for the charity based in Amsterdam that I work with.
But we are still in the planning phase….UHOH!
I have created a little project for Australia, basically I will start to do Vidlogs of what happened during the day or the week…depending on my schedule!
I have already signed up for one jam session/open stage in Sydney, so that’s gonna be exciting!
But the exciting hasn’t finished because next week Tuesday night I’m going to have a gig with my band and this is the poster of the event, going now. I’m off to rehearsals

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