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This week, we’re talking with Reba from Love Shack, Baby about local music, her “melodic aggro” side and the importance of links in your emails!

Love Shack, Baby |

How long have you been blogging, and what made you start?
I was laid up with back surgery in the Spring of 2007 and made ALOT of internet friends! One, in particular, was a music lover of my persuasion and we chatted endlessly about old tunes we loved. That led me to a search of music blogs that featured The Smiths, Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, you know, that sort of stuff. Along the way, I found a really cool circle of bloggers, mostly from the UK, a lot of them Scottish, who really supported one another and supported their local, new music, scene. I got hooked, and after endless discussions in their comments over what constituted good taste in music, they finally got sick of me and demanded I start my own music blog, in the summer of 2008.

What genres does the site tend to cover? Have you always covered this type of music?
I began reminiscing about old songs I loved but soon began covering new artists that came through Chicago. I grew up on Southern Rock and Metal and Blues music (with a healthy dose of hillbilly-country, bluegrass thrown in) and so this new “Indie” genre was hard for me to get used to. Gradually, I think I’ve become an Indie fan. But I don’t think I will ever feature Hip Hop or Rap, it’s just not what I listen to and don’t feel I have much to say about. There’s lots of good blogs out there for that! So, considering where I come from, Love Shack, Baby tends to cover Folk, Folk-rock, Rock, Indie, and to appease what one lover called my “melodic aggro” side, I venture into experimental-electronica and ambient noise territory every so often. If it’s weird, I tend to love it. That confuses people who try to pin me down as a folk music lover.

How do you find the music you blog about and what makes you pick something to post?
Chicago artists are always given priority. After that, anyone traveling through Chicago have a good chance. I must admit an affinity for Scottish music. I also love anyone who has an interesting voice but I don’t particularly listen to vocals/lyrics much. 96% of the music I blog comes in my inbox. The other 4% comes from a show I’ve been to; there’s been an awesome opening artist or a band I hadn’t heard before. Or, my good friend Drunk Country, of The Waiting Room radio show (out of Cardiff, Wales but serving the World!) will throw me some great stuff on a weekly basis. He’s got absolutely solid good taste and an ear for what’s new and interesting and will be making a splash in a year from now. Go listen to his show! I’d feature more of his finds if I had the time to dedicate to listening and finding more of what he’s got to offer. Seriously, one could make an amazing blog, just blogging about the artists he features!


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